toimiva taloudenhallinto Noste Isännöinti A responsible and
proactive partner
Customer service 044 737 2250
usein kysytyt kysymykset Noste Isännöinti All-encompassing and skilled property management Customer service 044 737 2250

Noste Isännöinti is your professional and trusted property management partner for the Jyväskylä and Central Finland area. We offer all-encompassing and expert property management services to housing associations and commercial properties — responsibly and with decades of experience.

Why should you choose NOSTE as your partner?

The goal of our work is satisfied customers. This is why we invest whole-heartedly in our customer service.

Our property managers attend to your property with highly skilled workmanship and make sure that everything works, and on time.

As a proactive partner, we anticipate your upcoming maintenance measures.

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Easy, care-free housing and ownership.