A comprehensive total service
for property management

The comprehensive total service for property management includes all services that you need for the smooth everyday operation of your property. We take care to ensure that your board is working irreproachably, your finances stay in order and your property’s condition and value are maintained. Whether your housing association is small or large, we will tend to your property comprehensively — with decades of skilled workmanship.

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Let us take care of your paperwork. Our services for boards include meeting routines, preparing agreements, monitoring compliance with official orders and the creation of statutory notifications. In other words, what an operational board of a housing association requires. The meetings of the board and of the housing association can be run smoothly electronically as well.

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Management of finances is the most central task for a property management company. We will take care of your cash resources and all of the accounting that relates to your cash flow carefully, intelligently and transparently. Often, our exacting property managers are able to save money for our customers by tendering and pruning pointless expenses. We use modern electronic financial management systems, and thanks to transparent reporting in real time, the members of the housing association board know precisely what the association’s financial status is.

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One of the most important tasks of a property manager is to maintain the property. As your partner, our responsibility is to ensure that the condition and value of your property are maintained. Our knowledgeable property managers lead large renovation projects as well with their strong competence and in our competitive network, you will find reliable workmen for all manner of jobs. As a proactive partner, we anticipate your upcoming maintenance measures, which makes housing and ownership both easy and care-free.

Easy, care-free housing and ownership.

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